The phoenix that rose:

Founded in 2020 during the largest behavioral change in modern history


Complexity is our thing:

We enjoy working with companies with complex products or/and services


We play to our strenghts:

Data- & human mindset, creating next level solutions in the market

We are a team of explorers & thinkers

We approach everything that we do with curiosity, optimism, and inspiration. We love having fun, no matter if its accepting a challenge or playing some awesome board game.

STHLM strat lab kontor

We’re the process of change in our industry

Regarding everything from creating diversified teams to delivering next level solutions. By challenging the industry and sharing our knowledge both with students and our friends in the industry we strive to lead the change.

Business innovation for Berghs

What we do

  • Value honesty above all
  • Love what we do
  • Obsess over details
  • Listen to our clients needs
  • Invest in hyped sneakers
  • Ideas come true
  • In it for the long-term game
  • Exceed expectations
  • Invest in ourselves once a week

What we don’t

  • Resist game nights
  • Sacrifice quality for profit
  • Overpromise
  • Cry when we eat hot sauce (2.000.000+ Scoville)
  • Copy paste
  • Prestigious
  • Impossible deadlines
  • Outsource
  • Have small dreams
workshop with strat lab
flirty dog
visualising data sales
lecture at Berghs School of Communication
conference room at sthlm strat lab
game night sthlm strat lab

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