Get a 360 picture of the financial side of your organization without any hassle. By building a modern data stack and focusing on financial data the latest records will be available at the touch of a button. This eliminates the need for several time consuming tasks piecing together the puzzle of all in- and outgoing financials.


  • Planning & budgeting 

Create a clear picture of financials in order to better plan and allocate budget.

  • Financial planning

Understand departmental budgets in relation to your corporate plan in order to take better decisions.

  • Performance reporting

Gain a comprehensive understanding of performance on both a departmental and individual level.

  • Forecasting and modeling 

Use comprehensive data from all of your organization in order to better predict outcomes for business plans and plan for “what if” scenarios.


  • Delays

There is usually a lag between a certain action happening and when it becomes apparent to the organization.

  • Maintenance

Building and maintaining manual pipelines from multiple sources can be both time and cost consuming.

  • Time constraints

It is time consuming to create reports for real-time daily, weekly, or monthly financial reporting.

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