The current marketing landscape is seldom unified and often includes many different channels and a multitude of KPIs. By blending data from all channels together with sales and customer success data one can unlock the true value of marketing activities. In order to drive revenue and sales one must look beyond simple marketing KPIs and focus on the total outcome of activities.


  • Customer in focus 

Automate data pipelines across all touchpoints and create a better understanding of what drives sales and where the pain points lie. 

  • Customer Journey Analysis

Understand where your customers are in the process and what actions to take in order to maximize results.

  • Campaign Optimization

Improve customer acquisition by understanding your customer and use that to create better campaigns and a better customer experience.

  • Comprehensive Attribution Modeling

Determine which activities and content are most effective in driving growth.


  • Time Constraints

Manually checking data from different marketing sources takes time and diverts resources from activities driving growth.

  • Maintenance

Building and maintaining manual pipelines from multiple sources can be both time and cost consuming.

  • Reporting

Often results are analyzed and shared when it is too late to do anything about them.

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