Get an overarching insight to how your product is being used, what drives revenue, discover pitfalls, and find paths that can be improved. Connect your product data with other keyparts of your business, to get a total oversight of your day to day operations.


  • Get an understanding for what drives usage 

Follow the journey of your customer to understand their behavior, find pit holes, and align your marketing and sales strategy based on findings. 

  • Get a true picture of your business

Measure ARR, CRR, MRR with higher precision by understanding your customers pathways.

  • Find bugs before they are a problem.

Identify potential bugs in your product by being notified of outliers, and uncharacteristic behavior.


  • Immense manual labor in order to do any valuable analysis

Massive amounts of data that needs to be manually formatted in order to be ingested for analysis.

  • Hard to get a grasp of the full customer experience  

It takes countless hours to get a grasp of the full picture, due to data being collected and presented in countless different systems. 

  • Acting on old and dated data

Lagging behind and always being two weeks or even months after in the insights that important business decisions are based on.

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