Making sure that your sales department has all available information in order to make the best decision can be time consuming. By leveraging data from marketing and customer success in your sales team you can increase both the quality and quantity of the deals that you make.


  • Forecasting

Use external and internal data in order to create powerful predictive models. Forecasting is often used in order to identify leading and lagging indicators.

  • Customer health analysis

Mix your CRM, product, sentiment and issue data in order to understand why people churn, where there are possibilities to upsell and how you can work better together.

  • Customer conversion analysis

Mix CRM and marketing data in order to better understand potential customers and divert resources where they will perform best. 

Sales operation analysis

  • Metrics


  • Deal attribution

Use Salesforce change tracking to build historical snapshots of sales and account ownership.


  • Maintenance

Building and maintaining manual pipelines from multiple sources can be both time and cost consuming.

  • History tracking

Setting up complex and costly history tracking reporting of CRM data in order to find loopholes

  • Integration

It can be difficult combining CRM with marketing automation or support sources leading to skewed results.

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