Defining your metrics

Strategic business intelligence

We can help you understand how to maximize the value of your data.

By gathering and analyzing external and internal data we can help you take advantage of the data you already have in your organization. We basically become your analytics team gathering insights and spreading them throughout your organization.

By having an analytics function outside your organization you get the benefit of having a team that works swiftly and efficiently whilst also gaining knowledge from other projects. You also get the benefit of hiring a team that needs a very short time to get set-up and start providing insights. All in all this is your short-cut to having a specified data function in your organization.

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Make your customer journey intelligent

Smart cx

We create a predictive and automated solution that enables you to influence the customer journey.

Understanding your market and your customers has never been more important. By understanding where and when someone makes a decision, coupled with an understanding of that individual’s needs, organizations can allocate their resources in cost effective ways.

We identify your customer touchpoint and relevant metrics for each step in the journey. The qualitative information is often generated through customer in-depth interviews and surveys. We also gather quantitative information by analyzing existing data sources such as CRM-system data, website data, marketing data and more. By combining the two we create impactful customer journey insight platform that aim to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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