EU-Green Week 2021

About the hackathon

On the 2nd and 3rd of June 2021 between 09-13 you have the opportunity to join other professionals within organisations working with construction, tech, and environmental issues to find new ways for making the process of infrastructure development more green. You can either sign up individually or as a group. 

  1. This is a free all-digital event where you have a great opportunity for knowledge sharing between industries and forming new bonds.
  2. The winning team will win 20.000 SEK to choose which organization or which sustainability project they want to support with this amount.
  3. This is a partner event with EU Green Week. After the event is finished we will create a report that will be sent to all participants and the European commission.

Last registration date: 28 May


The future depends on industries working towards becoming more environmentally friendly. We believe that it is important for everyone to try to do their part in meeting the sustainable development goals, hence, we are conducting a co-joint Hackathon together with Sto Scandinavia and under the banner of EU Green Week.

Sto Scandinavia is the innovative world leader in the design and production of innovative building materials tailored to human needs. These include continuous insulation cladding systems, rainscreen systems, prefabrication solutions, air and moisture barriers, coatings, and restoration solutions. Sto are advocates for technical mastery in pursuit of a sustainable built environment. Sto Group is a dominant global building products manufacturing brand, active in over 87 countries with over 4000 staff.



    The subjects that we will focus on are:

    • Re-use: A lot of material is sorted for recycling at the construction site, but if we are to follow the waste hierarchy, more materials need to be re-used instead. How do we do that?
    • Prefab: Prefabricated solutions reduce waste on the construction site, but which products can be covered? What technical solutions are needed?
    • Digital solutions: BIM helps contractors to order the right amount of material. How can digital solutions be further developed?
    • Logistics: Can we find solutions that help contractors take care of each other’s redundant material?
    • Re-take (packaging / products): Is it possible for material suppliers to take back packaging for reuse? Can we create a system for retrieving materials?
    • Cooperation: What opportunities are there for cooperation with other industries? Can waste from construction sites be upgraded and used for new purposes?

    You work within:

    • Tech
    • Construction business
    • Environmental organisations
    • Architect firm
    • Or studying any similar field


    Solution can be: 

    • An app wireframe
    • A presentation
    • A concept for a MVP
    • A video
    • No longer than 3 minutes presentations

    The sustainable development goals

    Our future

    @Sthlm Strat Lab we strive to support industries in taking the next step in their organisational development by leveraging data as a core business business practice to reach better results. We are also committed to work towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals and bettering our planet and society.