How we launched Framgångsakademin

22 April 2021

In November 2020 sthlm strat lab helped launch the platform Framgångsakademin founded by Alexander Pärleros. We joined in an early stage in order to help their team with a go-to-market strategy and continued by acting as their analytics and data team. 

We did an analysis of the company’s needs and technical solutions available, and found a challenge that most start-ups/ scale-ups experience: Using all parts of the organization to create an optimal conversion flow and use data to harvest the lowest hanging fruits.



The goal was to fill a digital Ericsson Globe (16000 people). Together with Framgångsakademin we managed to reach morethan 32000 people that joined the webinar.




10,6 ROI

Framgångsakademin had a goal of reaching a return of investment of 3. By working holistically with all ofFramgångsakademins channels we managed to reach great results.







78,75 ROAS

By creating a marketing strategy where we continuously mixed marketing data with internal and external data we managed to create a conversion flow with relatively small means. 



23% increased efficiency

Since we could give the team real-time insights of the data that we gathered both internally and externally they could always optimize their work and focus on tasks that gave the customer the best value.





How did we do it?

End to end analytics 

We started our partnership with formation and analysis of data. By creating the internal data-structure we managed to collect, structure, and analyze data to see where resources should be placed in order to maximize the results of actions. By working with data systematically we could focus on allocating resources to the parts of the organization that created the most value to lowest cost; and subsequently harvest the lowest hanging fruits both long- and short-term. 

In Framgångsakademin we applied our process that focuses not only on one part of the organization (like marketing). Instead we focus on the whole customer-journey and try to understand where pains and gains exist, and where more resources are needed in order to create better resource-efficiency. 


Business Growth

After looking at the data that we had collected we formed a strategic plan for conversions that included packaging, marketing, target-audience, and data.

We managed to execute our strategy with relatively small means, where every 1000 SEK that we spent generated around 1200 people that joined the webinar and subsequently resulted in sales for roughly 138000 SEK. By always testing theories and iterating on our process we were able to make quick changes, something that was vital in the launch of a new service. 

Through this fantastic launch we also created the webinar in Sweden with the most attendees in 2020.


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