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You will have the opportunity to grow fast in a fast moving environment. ­

→­ You will work as part of a close knit team where failure and victories are shared.

→­ You will have the opportunity to influence the way forward and really matter.

→ You will be able to launch your own projects and form your own role.

→ You will be able to invest in yourself and develop new skill sets.

→ You will get the chance to create the new normal and bring your ideas to life.

Important building blocks

Workplace, Culture & Diversity

We believe that everyone should be free to explore ideas and share them with the whole organization. We also believe in investing time in ourselves whether it comes to learning something new or aligning ourselves to decide the best way forward. At sthlm strat lab everyone matters, and everyone’s opinion matters. Everyone that joins us will be an important part of sthlm strat lab.

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