We are on a mission to democratize data

By building what we call the modern data organization, we are moving towards a future where our society shifts the ownership of data from the boardroom to our employees and end users.

The democratization of data aims to make information available in an automated way to all employees in an organization and for the end users of products and services.

When people can act on insights they get through aggregated data, we will also increase the pace of innovation in our society.

– Team strat lab

We are a team that is passionate about business and data.

We are business- and dataspecialists with a passion for data, strategy and analytics. We take on assignments with great curiosity, desire and inspiration. We love to be challenged and challenge preconceived ideas to find new simple solutions.

What we do

  • Make ideas come true
  • Commit to the long game
  • Disrupt the market
  • Provide the insights of tomorrow
  • Create measurable results
  • Provide full transparency

What we don’t

  • Resist game nights
  • Cry when we eat hot sauce (2.000.000+ Scoville)
  • Prestigious
  • Have small dreams
  • Believe in the status quo
  • Stay comfortable
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