Many organizations are aiming to become more analysis driven in their daily work. We are experts in leveraging data within a variety of industries.

We do this by building tailor-made analytical infrastructure centralizing data from all parts of the organization in order to deliver analysis that shows the full-picture. 

We build systems aimed at delivering metrics based push-notifications, dashboards and relaying measures from a variety of sources to the tools you use today (salesforce, zendesk, etc.). 

The basis for this is a centralized and accessible storage with all of the company’s data. We both set up these data warehouses and model the data therein. 

As most of you know an organization usually has different levels of data maturity depending on what department we are talking about.

Thus we also offer specialized services within a variety of areas that you can see above.

The main benefits having a strong data mart is:

  • Automation of labor intensive tasks.
  • Understanding of the whole company, breaking departmental boundaries
  • Moving from acting on old information to reacting on today’s information.

“For anyone who thinks you are data-driven, have a chat with their team. You will likely discover another world. The data world. That’s what happened to us. We are light years away from where we were just a few months ago. Amazing people. Amazing results.”

– Mia Karlsson, CMO @Wirepas

“l approached Sthlm Strat Lab because we needed to figure out a new strategy to gain market shares in the renovation segment in our industry. Strat Lab took on the project with great enthusiasm, dedication and with a data mindset. Thanks to them we have now a better understanding of where we stand and a clear picture of where to go and how to measure the success. I would gladly recommend other organizations to work with Strat Lab if you are stuck in the how.”

– Otto Norling, Business Development and Innovation Manager @Sto Scandinavia AB

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