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Becoming a data-driven organization can feel overwhelming and difficult at first glance. To facilitate this, we have designed these "get started packages" that aim to help you take the next step in becoming a data-driven organization regardless of size and resources.


There are many decisions companies face regarding the choice of system, database and other tools. In these cases, we see that the process to find out the advantages, disadvantages and costs that best suit your company is through a prefeasibility study. If you recognize yourself in the description, this is a suitable step for you.

We have a special offer available exclusively to companies that are members of Svensk Handel, read more at Svensk Handel.

Time estimate: 4-5 weeks

Utskuret kontorsrum symboliserande en förstudie.

Advanced analytics

Has your organization already come a long way in your data journey where you have a BI system implemented? Is your working method driven by continuous monitoring of KPIs to ensure that the business is driven towards the right goals? Then it may be time for you to take the step towards more advanced analysis to be able to predict patterns and probabilities of different outcomes.

Estimated time: 1 – 8 weeks*

*Depending on the type of advanced analysis that is requested, this phase may vary in time.

Avancerad analys illustrerad med förstoringsglas och datagrafer.

Modern Data Warehouse

Do you have multiple data sources that you need to manually extract and manipulate data to answer business-critical questions? Has the questions started to increase and the complexity makes it difficult to work with data insights both for less technical employees and internal experts. Then it may be time for you to take the next step towards an automated, quality-assured and scalable cloud-based database that stores both current and historical data all in one place.

Time estimate: 2 – 3 months

Datalager illustrerat som flera plattor omlott om varandra i vertikal rikting, med data stapplar i toppen.

Transformation layer and Purchase of data

Do you have a cloud-based data warehouse that you use for analytics however the information there is difficult to review? Do you also experience that the quality of the data is fluctuating, which leads to many searches in the database with unclear answers? Then it becomes important to have a transformation layer to remove these problems.

Time estimate: Depending on how much data you are sitting on today (counted in number of tabular fields).

Transformationskuber sammankopplade i en rektangelform.

Orchestration in Airflow &

This is for companies that have too many processes in their ELT flows that it becomes important that they run one after the other. For example, that extract and load will definitely take place before transform, and that any sync with another database/graph service will also take place immediately afterwards. By automating and making all these processes clear, it becomes easy to ensure that any ML/AI solutions also take place on fresh and transformed data.

Time estimate:  We need to conduct a survey in order to estimate the time.

Tre figurer med dirigentpinne symboliserande orkestrering i airflow.

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