The significance of the pre-study

Initially, the prospect of transforming into a data-driven organization may appear daunting and formidable. However, at sthlm strat lab, we strive to alter that perception.

In collaboration with Svensk Handel, we have created a pre-study aimed at evaluating your data infrastructure and determining the most suitable path forward based on your unique circumstances. This pre-study will provide you with a straightforward plan encompassing clear steps to gain better control over your data.

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The value of a preliminary study.

Incorporating a pre-study is a pivotal step towards advancing as a data-driven organization. This pre-study enables the identification of necessary measures to enhance data management and analysis within the organization.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the resources required to efficiently collect, organize, and analyze data. Moreover, it serves as a valuable tool in recognizing and addressing challenges and obstacles, paving the way for the organization’s successful transition towards a more data-driven approach.


How the pre-study is carried out.

During the pre-study, we collaborate with your organization to assess its current state and establish a clear set of requirements to enable your organization’s transition to a data-driven approach.

The pre-study consists of four milestones:

  • Kick-off meeting together with Strat lab and member company
  • Strat lab gains access to tools and systems for evaluation.
  • Strat lab conducts the mapping of data-related infrastructure and organization.
  • Strat lab delivers proposals and recommendations.

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    Blipp offers a fintech solution to finance P2P car purchases.
    They had on the following issues:

    • What kind of data do we collect and how do we use it to make decisions and drive the business forward?
    • How can we streamline our data access and make it more accessible to employees throughout the organization?
    • What challenges do we face in collecting, organizing and analyzing data effectively, and how can we overcome these obstacles to become more data-driven?
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    Our work
    In our pre-study, we evaluated their existing systems, which systems would be needed to be able to build their data warehouse, reduce manual work for compiling data, and build an ongoing reporting basis. After we completed the feasibility study, Blipp chose to proceed with us where we carried out the plan developed during the feasibility study.

    The result
    By streamlining their data access and making it more accessible to employees throughout the organization, Blipp was able to benefit from its data in a more strategic way. We also helped them identify and overcome the challenges they faced in collecting, organizing and analyzing data effectively. As a result, Blipp was able to make better and more informed decisions, and drive its business forward in a more data-driven way.

    This is

    sthlm strat lab

    In an era where data is increasingly crucial regardless of industry or organization size, our goal is to help companies navigate their own unique data journey in the most efficient way.

    We believe that data should be an obvious source of insights and knowledge, and therefore it is our ambition to make it easily accessible and understandable for everyone. In this way, companies can use their data in a smart and efficient way to increase their competitiveness and drive growth.

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