The difference between BI-analytics and advanced analytics is that; BI analytics answers diagnostical questions such as, what, when, who, how many. Where as advanced analytics answers predictive questions such as why, when will X happen, and what happens if we go about with scenario 1, 2, or 3.

We offer a range of advanced analysis modelling, such as:

  • Regression 
  • Kohort analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Machine learning 
  • ANOVA tests
  • Sentiment analysis 


Through advanced analysis, your business gets a bigger toolbox to approach different challenges. Advanced analysis provides the opportunity to be more confident in your predictions, probability of outcomes in different scenarios, reduce biases, and reduce risk. You simply make use and leverage the data you already have.

Example of questions that advanced analytics could answer: 

  • What time of day/week is our customers most receptive to advertising? 
  • What price level is the customer most likely to buy at? 
  • Which customer persona is most likley to buy your product?
  • How likley is it that you will be exposed to customer fraud?


Together with you we will define which questions that should be answered. Based on the agreed upon questions we extract the necessary data, clean it, enrich it (if needed) and then we analyse it. This analysis can be done as a one time analysis, or we automate the analysis and integrate it in your BI-system / automated report. 

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