Optimize with data, Case

19 April 2022

We were approached by our client to optimize their ongoing social media campaign. Our client is one of Sweden’s largest corporations and the campaign’s goal was to create brand awareness among end users and decision makers in the steel industry. 

The project consisted of three parts: Reporting, Analysis and Recommendations.

The Reporting summarized data from a range of sources available for our client as well as third party sources to enrich the data set for more context. We presented a comprehensive compilation of important KPIs together with their implications and limitations.




The Analysis part used the data from the Report and conducted in-depth analytics based on multi-dimensional metrics that resulted in a novel quality label, available for every landing page in every country.
In particular, we implemented a method that enabled us to quantify a rather qualitative analysis. Where the qualitative analysis describes combinations of metrics and the quantitative part enables us to scale this sort of analysis.




The quality labels set the ground for us to determine differences between regions that built the ground for recommendations. According to these we could define tailored social media strategies on a global level.





A project of this kind gives us and the client the opportunity to get to know each other and an understanding of how we can work together. For us, this is a great way to start a partnership with a new client.


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