Making sure that your Customer Success team has the right information at the right time, can dramatically improve your Retention rate and NPS. By implementing the right analytical infrastructure we can enable the foundation for data driven customer success.


  • Customer health & churn analysis

Manage initial and ongoing SLAs, and make sure the right people are informed of developments. 

  • Proactive support/service analysis

Predict challenges; escalations, returns, and more. Enable measures before the problem occurs. 

  • Staff and shift analysis

Who will be needed when, predict staffing and resource needs.


  • Reacting not acting 

Reporting on issues after they’ve happened instead of acting on them before they happen.

  • Hard to use due to high complexity 

Setting up complex and costly reporting that combines service management and other data.

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We can offer feasibility studies, data lake, data warehouse, data mart, data governance, advanced analytics and business strategy.

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