Human resource management is often dependent on a variety of time consuming tasks, from understanding employee performance and satisfaction to recruitment. By automating many time consuming tasks such as employee goal tracking, candidate reviewing, onboarding processes and workforce planning HR-reps can spend more time on what matters most.


  • Employee performance and compensation

Automate employee goals tracking in order to get a clear picture of the workforce.

  • Recruitment & diversity tracking 

Monitor candidate sourcing, interview schedules and stages and offers.

  • Onboarding, growth & retention tracking

Get both an individual and organizational view of employee onboarding, growth and retention.

  • Workforce planning

Determine what resources are required to meet organizational goals.


  • Maintenance 

Building and maintaining manual pipelines from multiple sources can be both time and cost consuming.

  • History tracking

Setting up complex and costly history tracking reporting of HR system data in order to find areas of improvement.

  • Integration

It is often time consuming and difficult to combine HR data with data from other sources.

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